Loan for Housewives

18 Dec

For many years, there is the term housewife loan, but what exactly behind this name hides know very few.

The term housewife credit comes from earlier times and is rarely used today. A housewife loan was actually just a normal personal loan, which addressed a particular consumer group and the housewives and was granted only to them. Since housewives could prove no income a few years ago and they also had no disposal over the family income, the housewife credit came on the market. Now, women looking after the family have been given the opportunity to pay something out of turn.

What is a credit for housewives today

In the meantime, homemakers have the right, despite the lack of income, to dispose of and also to determine the family income. Today, due to high divorce rates and similar aspects, it is unfortunately more difficult for homemakers to get a loan. Single women or housewives can today apply for a normal personal loan , which in principle no longer accesses a specific consumer group, but is available to all people.

Which requirements must be met?

In order to get a credit approved for housewives, a positive Leopold Bloom is of great benefit but not necessary. For housewives with a positive Leopold Bloom, finding the right loan is much easier than having one or more negative entries. The Internet offers a variety of offers that apply to housewives. Whether bank or agency the consumer has to decide for himself. It is only advisable to get advice about all offers.

Another method for housewives are loans from private individuals, who adjust their acceptance criteria themselves. Portals on which consumers can contact potential lenders are very popular and have high payout ratios.

What must be considered when applying

Due to the low income and the mostly remaining credit checks and Leopold Bloom queries from the bank, the default risk of the lending companies is correspondingly high. Because of the high numbers of default companies and banks often charge higher interest rates than normal borrowers. Among the many providers, however, also low-interest offers can be found that meet the criteria of a credit for housewives.

It should be paid to the selection of the appropriate loan, in any case, on the seriousness of the company. For checking the company often helps to enter the name in a search engine. Before providers who demand an advance payment or high fees should be kept away. Serious offers are free of charge from the conclusion of the contract to the payment.

However, some switching companies take an agency fee after payment of the desired amount. These commission fees are due only after receipt of the loan and never in advance.

interim conclusion

Due to the high demand and the numerous online providers, housewives have a wide range of different credit options and low interest rates. With proper research also housewives with negative Leopold Bloom entries find offers with which they can get a loan with some luck.

It is important to inform yourself well and compare offers, so that the appropriate loan is found and dubious offers can be sorted out . The highest disbursement ratios in the sector are provided by the personal loan portals, offering almost everyone the opportunity to get a loan.

The collateral

A housewife loan in this form is no longer available today at the banks. Such a loan is a normal installment loan that anyone can borrow. The term housewife credit has nonetheless held and refers to the borrowing by just this group of people (housewives without fixed income). Since this is an ordinary loan, of course, the same conditions must be met.

Specifically, this means that even a housewife must have a minimum income, or provide collateral. As a minimum income you can specify here the salary of the spouse, or this can occur as a guarantor. About hianus you can of course deposit jewelry, valuables, vehicles or real estate as a security to get the loan.

Lack of these securities or the corresponding opportunities, then the only way to get to a housewife loan, the way over a guarantor. Another option is to search for an alternative form of credit.

Examples are, for example, the dispo, which can be set up for the joint account with the partner, or certain private loans. In any case, you should compare thoroughly here and make sure that it is not a dubious offer.

The type of credit

That there is no separate homemaker credit, you have to think about the nature of the loan here. If you only need a few euros to bridge a financial shortfall, this is easily possible, for example, through a syndicated loan. However, one must know that this is only granted if a regular and secure income is available. The housewife can only apply for the dispo if she uses the account together with her husband.

If a discretionary loan is out of the question, then there is still the opportunity to opt for a classic installment loan. Car or real estate loans are also possible. However, housewives must always meet the same requirements as any other applicant. The husband (or another person with a secure income) must therefore act as a guarantor or the homeworker loan must be applied for together.

About the exact conditions and about what things are required for a housewife loan, you can get directly at the desired bank. Under certain circumstances, it is also worthwhile to use the services of a credit intermediary. He is not only familiar with the industry, but can also provide extensive advice on the possibilities and alternatives.

A good charged his fees not in advance, but only after a successful mediation. A credit intermediary always means more expense for the customer, but in many cases is well worth the money.

The loan conditions

Since it is the housewife credit is not a special form of the loan but a normal installment loan, worth a closer comparison of providers. Different banks offer different terms and costs for a loan. With a detailed comparison can thus possibly find a loan in the desired loan amount, with the desired maturity and the lowest possible interest rates.

In particular, interest rates are a particularly important factor to watch out for before taking out a loan. In addition, there are many loan offers on the Internet that reward new customers with special discounts or promotions. With such offers you can possibly save a lot of money. Again, it is worthwhile to take a closer look.

In addition, the different banks require different collateral or have different valuation criteria. Customers who are rejected by one bank with their loan application are gladly accepted by another bank. Here, too, it is worthwhile to be flexible and to inform yourself in advance. This way you can avoid bad surprises. In addition, the project must of course be discussed with the partner. In addition, in most cases, the latter must also sign the application.

Personal loan instead of bank loans

For a homeworker loan, it is not mandatory that it is a bank loan. Even a personal loan is possible without further ado. In addition, depending on the desired loan amount, such a private loan can even be cheaper. In addition, the customer may even get better conditions here than at the bank. Another advantage is that a personal loan is easier to lend in many cases, since it does not apply to the strict requirements and guidelines of the bank.

In any case, it is therefore worthwhile to look at private providers and compare them with the various offers of the banks. Here one is quickly surprised by the many offers and the often good conditions. And even if a personal loan may be more expensive, a commitment is often worth the extra cost.

Private lenders are simply more flexible than the banks and offer completely different options. There are now various comparison websites and portals on the Internet that specialize in arranging private loans. Here is worth a search and a subsequent comparison of the various providers.

Loan application online

Going to the bank takes time and is often no longer necessary today. This also applies to a housewife loan. The application can easily be made via the internet. Here you not only have the opportunity to compare all the different offers with each other but you can also freely choose between the different providers. After all, it does not matter where the bank is located on the Internet.

The application online is also simple, uncomplicated and quickly done. With most providers, you get a response after a few minutes or even immediately. With the loan application here also the collateral, credit checks, etc. must be submitted. Since the housewives do not have their own income, the security here is all the more important. You can also specify the spouse’s income. However, this must then usually sign the loan application with.

In addition, loans on the Internet are often cheaper and are processed faster, as is the case with a traditional bank. In addition, all the documents and papers are gone. The necessary forms are conveniently sent via the Internet. Nevertheless, of course, nothing speaks against borrowing offline, for example, at your own house bank. If one prefers this way and agrees the offer, one can of course also strike here.